About Me

Hi, I'm Hannah Johnson the founder and owner of Liza Jane Boutique.


I started Liza Jane boutique with the dream of helping others. I believe it is my God-given calling to share the amazing word of God. Each collection has meaning behind why I've added it to the store ( see below). 



Liza Jane Graphic T-shirts                                     I decided to combine my love for comfy fashion with scriptures, lyrics, and quotes.         > Loved - keeping it simple and straight to the point! We are so loved by God, what better way to show how thankful we are of his love than sharing his love with others. Sometimes I personally struggle with loving EVERYONE as God loves me so I like this simple reminder that we are all deserving of love.                                Every graphic T-shirt/ sweatshirt is hand pressed, packaged and shipped by me. This allows for faster shipping.