past the past

Genesis 44:33 (NIV)“Now then, please let your servant remain here as my lord’s slave in place of the boy, and let the boy return with his brothers


Why would Judah offer himself as a slave?

Famine has fallen upon the region and Jacob’s family is hungry. He sends all of his sons to Egypt to get food, all but Benjamin, the baby. Jacob has mourned Joseph for 17 years and refused to allow anything to happen to Benjamin.  


Time had enabled Judah to clearly see the tragic mistake of his past and prevented him from repeating it. Time made Judah more empathic and tenderhearted. Time can heal or time can hurt. Judah chose to allow time to heal him and make him better. He chose to move past the past.


We have to make the same choice about our past that Judah had to make. We can move past our past or allow it to make us bitter. No matter what has happened in the past, God helps us move forward and embrace the new things He has planned.


Prayer: Lord, forgetting the past isn’t easy but after seeing the hope in Judah’s story, I know I can. Help me move past my past to embrace the future You have planned for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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