No Quick Fixes

PSALM 30:2

Sometimes the wisdom that is the hardest to hear is the most helpful. So, I’ll tell you the truth; there are no quick fixes for emotional pain. Accepting that wisdom prepares us to work patiently and persistently through the healing process.


Maybe the scar tissue around my heart is similar to yours. Haunting memories can last for decades and immobilize us. Our hearts, broken in an instant, can keep us from loving for years. Old, harsh words can still echo in our hearts. So many experiences can injure us, keeping us from stepping out, risking, moving ahead, loving and letting ourselves be loved. But that’s not the end of your story.


Of course you want God to heal you as quickly and painlessly. Like physical healing, though, the healing of your heart can take time. On top of that wisdom, remember this- healing can and does happen: your great physician is faithful and good.

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